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Sun Returns Sunday, Still Cool

Sunday will brighter, but not warm for late-March

Occasional snow fell all day Saturday in Southern New England. The snow did not accumulate in most spots except for the higher terrain. A coating to an inch of snow is possible Saturday night as the temperature falls a few degrees after sunset. The snow will end by dawn on Sunday, and lows will be in the mid to upper ...

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Snow Likely Saturday

Yes, it is going to snow again on Saturday

After a couple of wet days that melted most of the snow in Southeastern New England, it looks like snow will return to the area this weekend. Rain and drizzle will likely change to rain/snow showers by around dawn on Saturday as temperatures fall into the low to mid 30s. A developing storm will bring occasional snow on Saturday, but ...

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Showers Linger on Friday; Colder Saturday

Showers linger Friday

A slow-moving weather system will bring plenty of clouds and lingering rain showers to Southeastern New England on Friday. The temperature will be in the 40s during the day, and the best chance of rain is in the morning. It will likely stay cloudy in the afternoon. The temperature will fall into the low to mid 30s by dawn on ...

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Showers Likely Thursday

Rain showers move through New England on Thursday

Showers rolled through Southern New England Wednesday evening, and there is likely to be more rain during the day on Thursday. The slow-moving frontal system will bring occasional showers, temperatures in mid 40s to low 50s, and a southwest breeze. Patchy fog is possible. Showers will continue Thursday night, and may linger into mid-morning on Friday. It will become mostly ...

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