• Brace yourself for a chilly morning on Monday

    September 23rd Update

    We will be saying "so long" to the 80s for a while in Southeastern New England. Friday looks like th…

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September 21st Update

GFS model with a bone dry forecast for parts of the Mid-Atlantic in the next couple of weeks. Odds are it will be dry, but not that dry!

Fall rolls in with more warm weather in Southeastern New England to round out the workweek. Autumn begins at 10:21 AM EDT on Thursday, and by then the temperature will be already near the normal high (72°) for the date. It will be in the low to mid 80s for all but the coast on Thursday afternoon. An onshore breeze …

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September 20th Update

The GFS model does not predict much rain in SNE over the next two weeks. It may not be as dry as projected here, but it does look like a relatively dry pattern into early October.

Monday's rain will prove to be the exception as a mainly dry weather pattern rules through the end of September. Wednesday through Friday all look relatively warm, but less humid than the start of this week. Fall's here on Thursday, but it will feel more like summer. A cold front passes through early Saturday, and a cool shot follows for …

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September 19th Update

It's a relatively cool look for most of the United States from late in the weekend through next week.

After a rare rainy day to start the workweek, we'll have more warm sunshine to wrap up summer and begin fall. Autumn begins on Thursday at 10:21 AM EDT, and it will feel a lot more like summer in New England. Tuesday will begin with cloudy skies and patchy fog. It will be mild and muggy early in the day. …

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