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    Pro Update – February 5

    Rain changed to snow from north to south early in the day on Friday, February 5. A dynamic storm wil…

Recent Right Weather Pro Updates

Pro Update – February 4


The temperature will fall from the 50s on Thursday to the 30s by dawn on Friday, and rain will change to heavy, wet snow in Southeastern New England. See the live blog below for updates on the storm.

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Long-Range Forecast – February 1


February began with a record high temperature on Monday. It reached 66° in Providence, breaking the old record of 64° set in 1989. It won't be as warm for the rest of the week, but the overall mild theme continues. Rain is likely in the midweek on Wednesday. It will be windy and very mild, with highs in the 50s. …

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Long-Range Forecast – January 29


January is wrapping with warmer than normal weather in Southeastern New England. The winter storm last weekend cut into the snow deficit, but there is no sign of steady snow in the near-term. The next significant precipitation will be all rain in the middle of next (Wed PM into Thu AM). The temperature will be running 10-20° warmer than normal …

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Long-Range Forecast – January 26


Relatively mild weather continues through the middle of this week in the wake of the weekend snowstorm. An ocean storm on Friday will likely not come close enough to bring steady snow to Southeastern New England. We haven't totally slammed the door on a farther west track, but it's pretty close to a done deal. The weather will stay mild …

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