Detailed Snow Reports

Right Weather Detailed Snow Reports are the perfect solution for both Contractors and Property Managers. Our reports are accurate, detailed, and unbiased. Our Detailed Snow Reports end questions or disputes about snow totals and storm duration.

Our toolbox for providing Detailed Snow Reports includes weather observation stations, trained weather observers, Doppler radar, and satellite imagery. Our expert analysis allows us to offer an accurate zip code breakdown for every storm.

We provide detailed post-storm reports including the start/end time, snow/ice totals, precipitation type(s), peak wind gusts, and observed hazards.

  • Detailed storm report posted online or emailed to client less than three business days after storm passes
  • Report includes precipitation start/end time, snow/ice totals for city/town, peak wind gusts (if applicable), and precipitation type(s)
  • Snow totals for your selected locations, including running yearly total, kept securely online for client to reach

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Starting at $180 for one site for the 2023-24 winter season

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Detailed Snow Reports

Right Weather Detailed Storm Reports will save your company time and money this winter season

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