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From 2012 until 2022 lawyers and insurance companies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, and Georgia have relied on Fred Campagna for forensic meteorology services.  Starting in 2023, Fred is a Senior Forensic Meteorologist with Haag Global, Inc. offering his Certified Meteorologist Consulting services across the United States. Fred has experience with snow, ice, hail, wind, tropical, flooding and tornado claims in many states including New York, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kansas, and Ohio. He can reconstruct past weather events to help with accident investigations, civil lawsuits, insurance claims investigations, business impact assessments, and environmental report preparation. Fred has considerable experience working for both the plaintiff and defense in civil litigation. He is also experienced in criminal cases. 

A weather expert witness you can trust to strengthen your case

Meteorology expert witness Fred Campagna's in-depth research and preparedness helps a plaintiff get a significant settlement in Massachusetts
Weather expert witness Fred Campagna’s in-depth research and preparedness helps a plaintiff get a significant settlement in Massachusetts (clip from MA Lawyers Weekly)

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Fred Campagna – Chief Meteorologist

Fred is an American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. He is one of a handful of meteorologists in the United States to hold both accreditations. He has more than 24 years of experience as a familiar and trusted source for accurate weather forecasts and forensic weather services in New England and Atlanta, GA. Fred is the weather expert with courtroom experience necessary to earn the trust of the jury, and he will articulate the weather events simply and clearly to help make your case. Fred is a consulting member of the Association of Certified Meteorologists.

Fred reconstructs past weather events using the latest technology and weather expert research/analysis on an hourly and site-specific level. He utilizes all the resources of the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). From downloading archived National Weather Service NEXRAD and Satellite data to minute-by-minute observations from nearby airports and weather stations, Fred will access all the weather information pertaining to the case or claim. He will present important and relevant weather information in a detailed written report and/or easily understandable trial testimony. Fred is available to research cases anywhere in the United States, and specializes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, the rest of New England and Georgia including the Atlanta area.

Fred, the claim did settle in full at a mediation wherein there was a fairly significant reduction in settlement demand secured by the mediator.

Defense Attorney


  • Written reports
  • Weather expert witness testimony
  • Affidavits
  • Courtroom graphics and animations
  • Depositions


  • Slip and fall cases (snow, ice, wet pavement)
  • Auto crashes
  • Visibility issues due to fog or sun glare
  • Roof collapses due to water, snow, or ice damage
  • Wind damage from tropical systems and severe weather
  • Flooding damage from tropical systems and severe weather
  • Lightning damage
  • Hail damage


  • Hourly surface weather data
  • NEXRAD Doppler radar data/analysis
  • Precipitation and snowfall reports/analysis
  • Climatological reports
  • National Weather Service forecasts, warnings, statements
  • Broadcast media reports
Massachusetts Forensic Meteorologist

Fred, The jury returned a verdict of no negligence today after deliberating for less than one hour. I think the fact that you testified in front of the Doppler radar video really made you look like a weather man. Defense Attorney

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