Winter Forecasting Services

Make the RIGHT decision for the 2023-24 winter

Stay on Budget

Take the guesswork out of interpreting television forecasts for your city/town. We will help you make the best decision on the resources you will need to stay on top of the storm.

BEFORE the storm

Advanced Storm Warning

We provide in-depth hyper-local forecasts for your city/town kept securely online where you can access them from any Internet-connected device.

Our accurate forecasts help you create an effective plan well in advance of the storm.

  • Personalized online forecast updates
    • Forecast updates up to 7 days in advance of winter storms in your city/town
    • Updates will outline snow/ice threat and become more specific as the event nears
    • Email forecast updates sent to key people within a company, organization, or municipality

Right Weather Winter Forecasting Services

DURING the storm

Around the Clock Access

Phone, SMS text, and email access ensures continued communication of changing weather conditions when the storm hits.

  • Phone/SMS/Text updates
    • Phone updates available within 12 hours of anticipated onset of storm
    • Text updates sent during the storm with updates on timing, duration, intensity, and precipitation type

Right Weather Winter Forecasting Services

AFTER the storm

Detailed Snow Reports

We provide detailed post-storm reports including the start/end time, snow/ice totals, precipitation type(s), peak wind gusts, and observed hazards.

  • Storm reports
    • Detailed winter storm report posted online or emailed to client less than three business days after storm passes
    • Report includes precipitation start/end time, snow/ice totals for city/town, peak wind gusts (if applicable), and precipitation type(s)
    • Season totals are updated following every snow event and are always available to view

Click here if you are only interested in the Detailed Snow Reports


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