Consulting and Weather Expert Forensic Meteorology Services

Winter Forecasting Service

Our private winter forecasting service helps your company save money by keeping you informed before, during, and after the storm. Learn more…

Expert Forensic Meteorology

Build a stronger court case or insurance claim by using the Right Weather team to accurately reconstruct past weather events. Learn more…

Detailed Snow Reports

Right Weather Detailed Snow Reports are the perfect solution for both Contractors and Property Managers. Our reports are accurate, detailed, and unbiased. Learn more…

Private Forecasting Service

Right Weather Private Forecasting Service helps your company or institution best prepare for and react to significant weather events. Learn more…


  • Fred Campagna has 25 years of professional experience forecasting New England weather
  • One of a handful of meteorologists in the United States with Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and Certified Consulting Meteorologist designation from American Meteorological Society
  • Our forecast is specifically geared towards your work area
  • Year-round, seasonal, and event-specific forecasting service available
  • Effectively communicating forecast uncertainty to help you make the best plan for the storm
  • Senior Forensic Meteorologist with Haag Global
  • Accurately reconstructing past weather events for court cases and insurance claims
  • Courtroom and deposition testimony experience
  • Experience in civil and criminal cases

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