March 21, 2018 “No”easter
The only place to find the RIGHT forecast was RIGHT here!

We were on top of this one from the start. We told our clients of the potential for another Nor’easter, but, as you can see below, we never saw it as the most likely scenario. While others were projecting a minimum of 4-8″ of snow, and as much as 8-12″, we held steady with a much lower snowfall forecast.

Forecast Timeline

Sunday evening, March 18 – We always issue a Preliminary Weekly Outlook to our clients on Sunday evening. As you can see, we are already projecting that the midweek storm will not be a huge deal.

Monday, March 19, 8:52 p.m. – There is still a lot of uncertainty with the storm, but we are not over-hyping the potential for a major Nor’easter. Our job is to give our clients the most likely scenario, not the worst-case scenario.

Tuesday, March 20, 8:48 a.m. – It’s time to issue a Detailed Storm Alert, and, while acknowledging a low-confidence forecast, we’re clearly focused on a light-moderate event with an official forecast of 1-3″ and letting our clients know that the snow must be moderate to heavy to stick to pavement.

Wednesday, March 21, 7:47 a.m. SMS Text Update – Increasing confidence in our forecast while giving our clients a heads up that there may not be any accumulation from the storm. Also, note those areas mentioned for steadier snow. 

Wednesday, March 21, 8:49 p.m. SMS/Text Update – By this point, everyone is starting to realize that the storm is not going according to their plan. However, our plan is working out well, and we continue updating our clients on how the “brunt” of the storm will evolve overnight into early Thursday.

How much snow actually fell? Here are the snow totals reported to the National Weather Service after the “storm”. It looks like a coating to 2″ for most with the “jackpot” in Exeter (1.7″) and West Greenwich (2.8″)…just like we said.

I’m not saying we have never had a rough forecast. It is definitely the nature of the business to occasionally get one wrong. However, if you’re a Right Weather Private Forecasting Services client, you can rest assured that we are diligent, focused and unafraid to go against the grain on all our forecasts. In the end, we want nothing more than to just be right and help your business best prepare for the weather and save money along the way.

-Fred Campagna

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