TV station snow forecast roundup

It's getting very close to go time for the biggest storm of the year, and possibly biggest in a long while, in Southern New England. Local and national tv coverage of the approaching storm is in overdrive. Here is a look at what the Boston and Providence-New Bedford television stations are forecasting for final snow totals. The latest Right Weather map and storm timeline can be found here.

This will be the last TV station snow forecast roundup for this storm. By Friday morning, it's more about "nowcasting" than forecasting.

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  1. There is a substantial discrepancy between these forecasts….24″ total and 30″+ is a big difference in my book! Where do you sit on these totals?

  2. The right weather totals are here: on page 2. I think 24″+ might be a little much given that some computer models are *only* showing about 12-18″ in most of RI. A low end forecast of 24″ is unprecedented in my book.

  3. I hope that we get as little as possible here on the cape however, I rather doubt it will happen :-( Bless you Fred loved watching you when I was back in little Rhody :-) Glad you here as your my go to guy to get local weather as no-one does it on the cape with the knowledge you have :-) Also have the app on me phones too :-)