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Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. Fred, I live in westerly, and during Irene we heard all the talk about power outages but the truth is we didn’t even lose cable. Winds here maxed out at around 45. Do you think this will be worse?

  2. I live in , right near diamond hill and we are surrounded by trees. During Irene they were down every where and part of our garage roof came apart. How strong do you the wind will be over here? Quite frankly I’m very nervous because we live in a 2 story house and the winds look scary.

  3. Do you know if the Newport or Jamestown bridges give advance warning of closure and where? I understand they restrict large vehicles at 58 mph winds and close with winds over 69 mph. Hopefully, neither will happen. Thanks!

  4. The main stream media is making this sound like the commute to work is going to be tough on Monday, and boaters may have an issue. The blog makes it sound like we are getting a hurricane and should prepare as such. Why is there such a glaring difference?

  5. Fred i am a long time channel 6 viewer when you used to be there. As of tonight you are going paywall so i will have to depend on elsewhere for updates as i need to prepare for this storm. Internet is gone was once lights are out and cell phone towers may be down shortly after making internet access a moot point.

  6. Fred, You’re right, I se a downplaying of the storm from what they were talking about just two days ago. Mostly on mainstream media. Should Sandy come in more central or northern NJ, or even NYC, that could be very bad for us, no? So which model are you favoring?

  7. During Irene our dock would have floated away due to high tides on a coastal pond, except we chained it down to the footings. I guess we can expect the same or higher tides in Quonnie pond with Sandy? Thanks, Fred!

  8. Fred………I predicted this storm many moons ago. Hence, I believe that the storm should be called “Hurricane Mrs Almedia”.

  9. I live in Providence and was wondering if the storm surge from Sandy will pose a problem in the Providence area. Will they activate the hurricane barriers and is there a possibility of flooding in Providence?

  10. Fred, are we now in a position to not have to worry so much on Sandy’s impact on Rhode Island? I understand the storm is large but forecasts aren’t much more than some rain and 40 mile an hour wind gusts, am I correct?

  11. Fred, I have a quick question for you, hopefully it makes sense.. I live in downtown Boston by the statehouse and the street I live on is basically a wind tunnel. Even on days where there’s 20 mph gusts everything seems magnified. For a storm like this where the wind will be much higher, what should I expect? Will the wind be magnified in this case? By how much?

  12. “Dr Forbes told me at weather conference chance of sandy spun tornado will be lower than typical hurricane ” what does this tweet mean?

  13. We’re closer to the storm than MA for the most part, and Chafee has yet to declare an emergency. That just seems plain dumb. Perhaps he will do so later today. Then again, earlier today, he said “we’ve been through this before”, when this storm is a different animal than Irene.

  14. Why do you feel there are so many different wind forecasts? I am seeing 30-40mph top gusts and others are saying 60-80 in top gusts. At the same time I am hearing that the models are all lining up and in sink. I would expect a little variation but that is huge.

    Your thoughts?

  15. I know that land falling hurricanes can spin off tornadoes. Do you see that as a concern for RI? What about heavy thunderstorms or hail?

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