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Fred Feed Sunday – Sandy Live Blog

Check this page often for live blog updates on Sunday, October 27, from Right Weather meteorologist Fred Campagna.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section near the bottom of the page.

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Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. I’m on it, Fred! Haterade… Hahaha! I just shared your FB post with my own recommendation.

  2. Hey Fred – thanks for the great job – you’ve been worth every penny we spent.
    A question for you – I’m concerned about some friends at the coast. They live about 1/2 a mile up and over the hill from the sea wall in Narragansett – just about a mile south of the Coast Guard House. Would the danger be only for those directly exposed to the sea – not quite over the little hill there – or should they be out of their house tomorrow, in your opinion? I did check your posts – I hope I’m not missing an answer you already gave to such a question.
    Thanks again! We appreciate the sacrifice of your sleep!

    1. Thanks – that was exactly what I was asking for – I live in SK. Love the membership benefits here! 🙂

  3. Thanks Fred for your answer – I wasn’t positive I was understanding ‘storm surge’ fully and wanted to be sure. We appreciate all you’re doing!

  4. We appreciate what you do Fred!..ignore the hatoraders, there will always be some people not happy with their own lives!…do you think schools should be cancelled?

  5. Hi Fred – I live in a 2-story house in NK. Do you think it’s necessary to ride out the storm in our basement or is anywhere in the house equally safe? My family thinks I’m ridiculous chasing everyone downstairs. Thanks again for all the great info and advice.

  6. Hi Fred, My husband commutes from Attleboro into Portsmouth everyday. Just wondering what he should expect on his commute? Will the Sakonnet River Bridge be safe to pass or will he have to find an alternate route?

    1. Danielle, it depends on what time he his is driving to/from Portsmouth. It won’t be too bad in the morning, but it will be in the afternoon. I don’t believe there are weather restrictions on the new Sakonnet River Bridge, but I’m not certain of that.

      1. Thanks – He does plan on shifting his day a bit – we’ll just have to figure out how much.

  7. About the haterade… nothing in life is free – you have a family to support just like everyone else. I appreciate the personalized attention this site has to offer – way more than you can get on the local news. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Fred!

    Can you help translate the flood map for me? I see that the orange line is defined as moderate flooding, what does that mean, and could that change to major flood potential? Also I live along the bay in Riverside and some family in Barrington that is inside of the orange line, does that mean there is a good likely hood of some flooding there?

  9. Fred – any chance that you could do an hour-by-hour timeline for tomorrow’s deteriorating conditions in layman’s terms? It would be incredibly helpful to know how the day into the night will progress…

  10. Any changes either favorable or unfavorable to the speed or track of Sandy on the latest info?

  11. How far in from the shore is considered coastal? We live 5 to 7 miles in, depending on which direction we head in (7 to the south, 5 to the southeast).

  12. Hi Fred, I have to work at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. I work at a hospital and will have to go in early if 4:30 is a time I can’t get there. What would you say is the best time for me to head in to work safely? I am in Newport.

  13. What are the affects if the storm moves farther north or south in the cone than currently predicted?

  14. Hi Fred,

    Just curious what kind of wind we saw with Irene and how it compares with Sandy’s potential. Keep up the great work. I truly enjoy the consistant detailed updates.

  15. If the morning high tide in Newport is higher than predicted as you just said could be a possibility and Newport decides to issue a very last minute evacuation, will the weather conditions after that morning high tide be too dangerous for us to evacuate, especially if we can’t go to the shelter on the island?

  16. Great job! I love your site! Going through a storm will never be the same. I am recommending it to everybody. I know this is your business but it is an amazing service as well. The $40 is a steal in my eyes. Glad I have an Ipad to keep with you when the power goes out. Generator and batteries are ready to go.

    Any chance in your mind that the storm could be worse than predicted or could it only be weaker?

  17. Fred,
    What do you think about the Providence “wharf” area with the storm surges? My wife works at Providence Animal Rescue League and is a volunteer for Providence Animal Control, should they be concerned about evacuation in that area being that they are very close to the providence bay. Any info you could provide would be very helpful! Thanks for all of the great updates, love being a member!

    1. If you’re talking about the shelter on Elbow street, that is what the hurricane barrier is for, to protect that particularly vulnerable area of Providence. The barrier should keep her dry.

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