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Sandy storm surge guts iconic Coast Guard House

The Coast Guard House restaurant in Narragansett has weathered some impressive Southern New England storms. From Irene to Floyd to Bob, the restaurant, which sits right on the water at Narragansett Pier, was boarded up, and then fingers were crossed in hopes that the ferocious surf and surge would not claim the building. Unfortunately, although the structure is still there, Hurricane Sandy proved to be too much for preventative measures, as the tide rose too high, and waves and rocks crashed right into the dining room. The aftermath was a mess that will force the restaurant to close temporarily to rebuild.

Wishing the Right forecast was wrong

Our goal is always to provide the most accurate and updated weather information to visitors of and users of the RightWX app, but ,this is one situation where we were hoping that the Right Weather forecast was dead wrong. The Sandy weather setup meant that the coast of Rhode Island was going to be hammered by some of the surge and mammoth waves from the storm. Even though Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Ocean City, NJ – 225 miles from Narragansett, the storm was so massive that coastal flooding effects stretched throughout the entire Northeastern United States. On Saturday night, when it became clear that the Coast Guard House and other buildings along the RI coast were in jeopardy of being damaged or destroyed, we created this graphic and a post about how vulnerable these locations were to such a powerful storm.

The setup that doomed the Coast Guard House
The setup that doomed the Coast Guard House

Video of Narragansett storm damage from the Providence Journal

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