September 2012: Bit cooler, wetter than normal

After a mild first week of the month, the tables turned and most of the rest of September featured cooler than normal weather in the Providence area. It was also a wetter than normal month, thanks in large part to two big rainstorms  – one early in the month, and one to end the month. Here are some highlights of the 2012 climatological summary for TF Green Airport in Rhode Island.

  • The average temperature was 64.1 degrees F, 0.6 degrees cooler than the normal.
  • There was 5.43″ of rain, 1.51″ above the normal or 138% of the normal.
  • Nearly 4″ of the rain came on September 4, 5, 28
  • The 1.64″ of rain on September set the record for the date. That was the only precipitation or temperature record established this month
  • There was a noticeable lack of extreme temperatures. The high for the month was 84 degrees on Sep. 7, one of only three 80 degree days the whole month. The low for the month was 44 degrees on Sep. 25, one of only four days where the temperature fell into the 40s at TF Green
  • No single day was more than seven degrees warmer or cooler than normal for the first time since August, 2011.
September 2012 Temperature - Providence
September 2012 Temperature – Providence

Looking ahead to October

October 1 

Normal high: 69
Normal low: 49

October 31

Normal high: 59
Normal low: 40

Record low temperature for the month: 21
Record high temperature for the month 88

Of course, we know it can snow in October. Last year, some places picked up several inches of snow prior to the end of the month during a rare October Nor’easter. On October 18, 2009 the New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans 59-0 in snowy Gillette Stadium.

We lose one hour and 20 minutes of daylight this month.
October 1
Sunrise: 6:43 am
Sunset: 6:27 pm
11:44 possible daylight
October 31
Sunrise: 7:17 am
Sunset: 5:41 pm
10:24 possible daylight

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