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Live Blog: Saturday snowstorm

Check this page often for live blog updates from Right Weather meteorologist Fred Campagna on Saturday December 29, 2012.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section near the bottom of the page.

Attention Right Weather Pro members. This Live Blog has been closed, but a new one is open for the remainder of the storm. Please, click here to visit it.

Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. I hope it’s more towards the 8 side. My daughter never got to use her snow shoes or sled last year!

    1. Timothy, it will be a close call on snow/rain in your area. If it’s all snow, you’ll probably have one of the highest totals. I think there may be some rain/mixed precipitation at times, so 5-7″. If all snow, then 8-12″.

  2. Fred. Whats your take on Temp/Dewpoint spread and what kind of temps do you think we will see when the heavier precip/snow arrives? Also. Do you think my seasonal prediction for 10″ or less at TF Green will be surpassed from this storm lol?

  3. Fred, the first flakes have started in Westerly, 11:14am. I hope it changes to rain here, I have to travel to Cranston tomorrow and Westerly is not known for it’s snow removal.

  4. Fred, I notice that the Block Island bouy has the water temp at 48.7 deg F which is several degrees above average for this time of year. Will this have any affect on the form of precipitation we get in Westerly?

  5. My 7 and 4 year old girls are killing me! They want to know when there will be enough snow for them to do snow angels. They want to know to the minute so be exact! Lol

    My 3 year old is turning 4 tomorrow and ll she wants to do is go sledding and make a snow man. Think that should be a problem in North Scituate tomorrow?

    Just seeing the first flakes up here in North Scituate.

    Gotta love little kids during a snow storm. Thanks!

  6. Fred,

    Any prediction when the rain/mix will transition to all snow in Newport? Will this rain/mix bring down the snow fall totals from what was predicted?

  7. Was supposed to go to Providence Place Mall this evening. (live in Bristol) Do you think the roads will be okay?

  8. I can’t zoom in on the map, so would you mind telling me if the URI area (northern SK) is likely to be in the jackpot range? I’m thinking we might just barely be missing it, but I’m hopeful. Thanks!

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