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Long Range Forecast – December 7

Where’s the snow? If I had a snowflake for every time I’ve heard that in the past week, then I’d have a dozen snowflakes. Ok, that’s not a good analogy, but the bottom line is the snow-lovers are getting frustrated by the mild, snow-free start to December. Don’t panic, snow-lovers, it’s still very early in the season, and all it takes is a nice six week stretch like we saw from late-December 2010 to early-February 2011 to see the snow pile up. TF Green picked up 12″ more  snow in that stretch than it typically sees in the entire 13 week winter season. Furthermore, if anyone should be panicking it’s me. My Seasonal Forecast calls for more than the normal amount of snow with near to below normal temperatures in Southern New England. Thankfully, even though December has been mild/dry to start, the pattern looks like it will be flipping for the second half of the month.

Based on what I’m seeing now, it looks like we’ll have several shots at some snow, especially inland, between Dec. 11-25. The departing storm on Tue-Wed of next week has the chance of ending as some inland snow if a wave of low pressure forms to our south along the front. It does not look like a big deal. Farther down the road, a storm next weekend also looks to take a track that is favorable for rain, but not by much. A 200 mile shift to the south would bring snow to inland New England. The week before Christmas also looks active with storms possible midweek (~ 12/19) and during the weekend. By that point, we should be in a colder than normal pattern in the Northeast. Check out the video for more details.


Fred Campagna

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