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PatsCast – Damp, mild, breezy Monday night

It is one of the biggest regular season games at Gillette Stadium in recent memory. The New England Patriots and Houston Texans will play for potential AFC regular season supremacy on Monday night. The Texans have the best record in the NFL at 11-1. The Patriots have won six in a row after a 3-3 start to the season, and still have a good shot at first round bye, and can take a big step toward catching Houston for home-field advantage by beating the Texans.

The weather will be damp, but unseasonably mild for the tailgating and game. There may be a window between bouts of steady rain from late-afternoon through the evening. At this point, the steadier rain looks to be Monday midday and late Monday evening or after midnight. The temperature will be well into the 50s – about 20 degrees warmer than you’d expect for a December Monday evening. Even though there may not be steady rain, some mist and drizzle could be stubborn, so it’s a good idea to bring rain gear if you want to stay dry the whole time. It will be breezy, with a 10-25 mph SSW wind all evening.

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New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans
Gillette Stadium – 8:30 pm Monday, Dec. 10, 2012


5 PM


Chance of showers.
Breezy and mild.

Wind: SSW 10-25 mph

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8:30 PM


Very mild, chance of
showers, breezy

Wind: SSW 10-25 mph

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11 PM


Still cloudy, damp, mild.
Chance of showers

Wind: SSW 10-25 mph

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1 AM


More of the same!
Damp, mild, breezy.

Wind: SSW 10-25 mph


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