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PatsCast: Windy, cold, dry at Gillette

It’s hard to believe the final game of the regular season is this Sunday. The Patriots host the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium on what promises to be a bitter cold, brisk, and dry evening. It’s always fun to get the Dolphins here on a chilly December night. It helps to compensate for when the Pats have to visit Miami in the 90° heat in September.

If you’re heading to Foxboro, prepare to battle the cold weather. It will be in the 20s all day, and then fall into the teens by late in the evening. The wind will be a factor for tailgaters, and the wind chill will also make it feel 10-15° colder than the actual air temperature. The fresh snowpack in the parking lots will make it seem like the playoffs are just around the corner…and, thankfully, they are!

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New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins
Gillette Stadium – 4:25 pm Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012


1 PM


Sunny, brisk, chilly

Wind: NW 15-30 mph

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4:25 PM


Brrrr. Chills in the teens

Wind: NW 15-30 mph

[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]

8 PM


Very cold!

Wind: NW 10-25 mph

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11 PM


Chills 5-10°

Wind: NW 10-25 mph


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