Video update: Storm getting underway

Here is a quick video update on the storm that is quickly overspreading Southern New England. It should be quite an intense storm for a few hours this evening. 1-2″ snowfall rates are possible, and the final snow totals will be over 6″ in many places.

The accumulation map has been updated since this video was cut. A large portion of SNE will receive 5-9″ of snow before midnight. The main questions with the forecast revolve around the precipitation type on Cape Cod and how much snow may accumulate. The wind will be quite strong on the Cape and Nantucket late this evening. Some 50 mph gusts are possible.

Right Weather - Snow Forecast
Right Weather – Snow Forecast

To reiterate, the worst of the storm will be until late in the evening in RI and E CT, and until just after midnight in SE MA. It is a very quick-moving storm. Travel will be slow this evening because road crews will have a tough time keeping up with the fast-accumulating snow.

Fred Campagna

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