Live Blog: Monday, January 21, 2013

Check this page often for live blog updates from Right Weather meteorologist Fred Campagna on Monday, January 21, 2013

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Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. Love your site. I know in the past you have had some promo for ten dollars off your membership. Any plans of maybe offering that again in the future.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the compliments. There are no imminent plans for a $10 off membership special, but I’m sure we’ll run it again at some point in the future.

  2. Doesn’t look like much showing up inland on radar. Do you think the moisture will fill back in? Already 2 hour delays for schools

    1. I’m expecting 2″ or so inland. I don’t have anything to do with school delays. I can’t understand why they are having delays when the snow is forecast to end a few hours before dawn.

      1. Fred,
        In the frigid air that is coming how low
        do you think wind chills during the day can get?

        Thanks for this live blog,

  3. Hi Fred,

    Do you think the forecasted cold in the coming weeks will help put a major dent in the above normal local Sea surface temps?

  4. Hi Fred! Great work you’re doing here. Are we looking at enough snow to cancel school on the mid-Cape (Hyannis)?

    1. Sweet! I’m only a half-inch from verifying, and halfway to verifying with the preliminary snow forecast issued early yesterday. Have faith, Brian! It will be an above normal snow season in RI. That’s all you can ask for.

    1. Disagree. Forecast was 2-4″ in RI. Most are over 1″, highest totals are already approaching 4″. Feel confident in widespread 2-4″, with the highest amounts likely to be closer to 6″. It’s a dry, fluffy snow, as expected, so it will get blown around and you’ll see some grassy spots by mid-morning tomorrow if you only get 2″. If anything, it’s going to be an underachiever up near Boston and points north that were expecting a heavy snow band to set up. It looks like that may not happen.

  5. Hi Fred,

    Thanks for being so accurate and up to date with the weather. This is the only site that I look at. You are really on top of things, and I really appreciate your hard work. You tell it like it is and don’t sugarcoat it for us. I know New England weather is hard to predict, but you do a great job, and I love the way you explain everything for us people who are not meterologists. Keep up the great job!!

  6. Very pretty pale moonlight right now in Exeter… thin clouds, no snow right now… we have about 2 inches on the ground. Are we done?

  7. hi

    Thanks for all the updates, maps and accurate info ! Helps a lot for those of us who must be on the roads early !
    Not sure why anyone would blame you for school decisions !!!
    Delays seem reasonable to me, a whole school day is not lost and we are given more time to clear cars and driveways…and hopefully the 2 hr delay allows the road crews to do their work 🙂 Seems positive for everyone !

    Thanks again for spending so much time keeping us updated !

    1. Those who complain are usually just frustrated because their work schedule is built around their child’s school day. A two hour delay when not needed is a major inconvenience for some.

  8. I am laughing with your school closing/delay comment. I am surprised Westerly has not made a decision yet. Thanks for the great work. I am a huge fan!

  9. Last Wednesday the roads were horrible in Northern RI, main roads weren’t clear until 9 AM, may be the reason for delay’s in Northern RI

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