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Long Range Forecast – January 3

Overall, the forecast for the second half of December worked out pretty well. The temperature tumbled at the end of the month, and a 6-12″ snowstorm helped to get the snow totals to at or above normal in Southeastern New England. Unfortunately, for winter lovers, the January thaw is just around the corner. The temperature will stay close to normal this weekend before starting to warm in the middle of next week.

Indications are the warm-up will last, at least, 7-10 days in the Eastern United States. Don’t expect temperatures in the 60s, but we’ll see several days with highs in the 40s, and maybe a few where it reaches 50, although, the best chance of that occurs if a rain storm with a strong southerly wind arrives.

The storm-free pattern should shift to one that is typical in terms of the number of storms, but, the storm track will be to the west of New England, and that should mean mainly rain for Southeastern New England. In the long term, cold air will be building in the Western US and Canada, and it may return for the final 10-12 days of the month.

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