Winter returns with snow Wednesday morning

It seems like it has been a long time coming, but winter finally returns to Southern New England on Wednesday after a prolonged January thaw. The snow, mix, and rain on Wednesday is just the start of a very wintry pattern that is likely to last through the end of January – and possibly farther, but Right Weather Pro members know all about that.

NWS Winter Weather Advisory in RI
Winter Weather Advisory issued by the National Weather Service

Rain, sleet, and snow will arrive late Tuesday night, with a fairly quick change to snow in most places away from the immediate coast after some early raindrops and ice pellets at the onset. The snow will accumulate and make for a messy, and potentially slow, Wednesday morning commute. The steadiest precipitation is likely between 5am-9am, which coincides perfectly with the AM commute. A gradual transition from snow to mixed precipitation or rain is likely from the coast to near the I-95 corridor during the morning.

In most spots, this will happen after some snow accumulation, although it will probably be less than an inch near the coast. In the Providence and Boston Metro areas, there is the potential for a couple of inches of snow to accumulate before any mixed precipitation or rain enters the picture between 8am-10am. Farther inland, the steadiest precipitation from the storm will likely be mainly or all snow, and, as a result, this is where the highest snow amounts will be. Some spots may pick up 5-6″ in the highest terrain of Worcester County. The Right Weather snow forecast map has been tweaked to include slightly higher amounts in NW RI and Western Kent County.

Right Weather - Snow Forecast
Right Weather – Snow Forecast

This storm does not have blockbuster potential, and the updated Right Weather snow odds show that the Providence Metro Area is most likely to receive within 1″ of a 2″ snow total for the storm. Also, the odds of seeing more than 4″ of snow in the Providence area are low because the steadiest precipitation comes in a 4-6 hour burst, followed by much lighter precipitation by midday Wednesday that has a good chance of being something other than snow. See the graphics on page 2.

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