Wintry mix Tuesday night into Wednesday

Here is a quick update to the accumulation map for the Tuesday night Wednesday event. It looks like the bulk of the snow will fall well inland, where a few 6″ totals are possible in the higher terrain of Worcester County. The I-95 corridor is in the 1-3″ range with a change to rain likely on Wednesday morning. If the initial burst does not put down a couple of inches in those areas, then whatever falls will likely be washed away by the rain. Just by looking at the map, you can see that this may be a non-event for a good chunk of RI and SE MA if the snow totals are on the lower end of the range. Even if the totals are on the high end, it’s not much more than a nuisance storm that will slow the Wednesday morning commute. I’ll have another update this afternoon.

  • Precipitation begins late in the evening or just after midnight
  • Steadiest late at night, but precipitation-type is uncertain from the coast to I-95
  • Precipitation ends from west to east late Wednesday afternoon or early in the evening
Right Weather - Snow Forecast
Right Weather – Snow Forecast

Fred Campagna

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