Live Blog: Friday February 8, 2013

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This Live Blog will be available free to all visitors until 4pm Friday. At that point, as the storm intensifies, it will be closed to all but Right Weather Pro members. Immediate access to a Right Weather Pro is available upon registration. We will do our best to answer your questions during the storm, but priority is given to Pro members.  

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Feel free to ask any storm-related questions other than “how much will we get in ______?” in the comments section. Regarding how much snow you will receive, the best answer we can give is on the accumulation map. If there is a range, that’s because of the uncertainty in the forecast.

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Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. This morning I see that the NWS has South Kingstown in the 24″+ snow forecast given the Euro models snow/rain line at only the very immediate coast, but I see that the rightweather totals are a bit less…are you following a different model than the NWS?

  2. Fred – what do you make of the NAM models that are showing some extreme snowfall amounts for SE NE – everyone seems to be discounting them, what’s your take?

  3. Question: I keep hearing about the possibility of “thundersnow”. When should we look for this to occur- at the beginning of the storm or the end?

  4. Fred, important question here regarding totals. What is the over/under on total cups of coffee you’ll drink in the next 24 hours?

  5. Hi Fred, i have been keeping track of all the snow storm totals sense 1997 in the extreme Northwestern RI, and i did some research and found many totals for major storms from 1888-1997. So i compiled my data together (although not all are official snow total reports) and made a top 10 list of the biggest snowstorms on record for Northwestern RI. (Burrillville) I figured i would share this to you here as well as ask you if you think it will go to #2 all time for NW RI? Here it is:

    #1. Feb 6+7 1978 – 54”
    #2. Jan 22-24 2005 – 23.4”
    #3. Jan 7+8 1996 – 23”
    #4. Jan 11+12 2011 – 21”
    #5. Mar 11-14 1888 – 20.2”
    #6. Mar 31 + Apr 1 1997 – 20”
    #7. Feb 14-16 1962 – 19.2”
    #8. Feb 4 1961 – 19”
    #9. Mar 3-5 1960 – 17.7”
    #10. Jan 26+27 2011 – 17.2”
    #11. Dec 5-7 2003 – 17”
    #12. Feb 12 2006 – 15”


  6. With the storm further west than expected, and the warm water temperatures, will some accumulations be cut for those at/near the coast?

  7. Hi Fred, do you know about what time we’ll start to see a couple inches accumulated on the roads? I’m trying to decide what time to plan on leaving the office to head home.

  8. As of 9:41am it is still all snow in Westerly at 32 deg F, Even though it is light snow you can tell this one will be different. This is about 1/4 in on the ground so far.

  9. Impossible to tell what kind of drifting is in store, but wish there were some way to approximate ahead of time.

  10. Fred, any recommendations for those who MUST drive at some point in this storm, I’m going to avoid it as much as possibly, but I have elderly loved ones that I must get to! Will 2pm be too late to go?

  11. Any chance of running a nemo special for 10 dollars off you membership like you did with Sandy? Just curious…may spark lots of new memberships….

  12. Hi Fred, I am scheduled to work tonight 4-9pm, what am I looking at as far as the roads in Middletown/Newport at those times? Do you think I will be able to drive home at 9pm? I work at the hospital so it doesn’t close like most businesses.

  13. Hi again Fred! Why is this storm named Nemo? I didn’t think they named winter storms.
    Ps Have a blast with this storm! I have my xcountry skis out ready to use in my ‘hood tonite!

  14. We are from SC traveling to Warwick, RI this weekend.We are staying over in Ashland, Va Saturday night, Bordentown nj Sunday and on in RI on Monday. Do you think the roads will be ok to travel on?

  15. Just a highly untechnical comment: the images you are posting have gorgeous colors! Pretty enough to hang on a wall! No response needed 😉

  16. Hi Fred, today is my birthday and my present to myself was a Right Pro membership! Excited to ride out this storm with all your help. By the way 35 years ago (I was 2.), my parents sent me outside with plastic bags over my shoes in the aftermath of the blizzard of ’78. I think I’m better prepared for this one!

  17. Hello,

    Been hearing that the big computer model that just came out has the storm a bit further east. What would the mean for us if that is true? Is the guidance in your opinion seem to be correct? Great coverage!

  18. 1.5″ in West Warwick at 1:15pm. 32 degrees and light to moderate snow. Side streets covered and have been plowed already.

  19. I read on a weather page on FB that there was a chance the system could stall off of New England. Is that likely, or an outlier?

  20. Just went out to shovel (I don’t know why, it won’t mean anything in an hour.) We have about 2 inches here in Richmond on the Exeter line. Plows have not been on our rural dead end yet. Coming down steady but not too windy yet.

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