TV station snow forecast roundup

A couple of days before last week’s blizzard the TV station websites were plastered with snow accumulation maps. This time around, with a lower snow forecast, and tons of uncertainty, those snow maps are a little harder to find. We wonder if it’s the lower snow forecast or the fact that it’s a low-confidence forecast that has the snow accumulation maps buried or non-existent. In any event, here is what the Boston and Providence-New Bedford stations (plus the NWS) were saying about this weekend’s snow potential as of mid-afternoon Friday.

Click here for the full Right Weather discussion on this weekend’s forecast.

As of 3pm Friday there was no accumulation map available for WJAR in Providence ( Once an accumulation map is added to their site, we will add it to the gallery.

Click the images to view a larger version.

Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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