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Long Range Forecast – June 14

TF Green has crept up to nearly 9″ of rain so far this month. There is a very high likelihood that this month will be top-two wettest on record (since 1905) in the Providence area. In fact, it may be top-two by the middle of next week. There is also a reasonable chance that it becomes the wettest July on record in Providence.

  1. 11.08″ (1982)
  2. 9.61″ (1998)
  3. 9.24″ (2006)
  4. 8.99″ (2013 – as of June 14)

If there is the normal amount of rainfall for the remainder of the month, the final tally will be somewhere near 10.8″. Of course, this pattern is anything but normal for June, and it may not break in the next couple of weeks, although – the second half of the month will certainly be drier than the first half.

After a gorgeous Saturday, a fast-approaching weather system may bring showers to Father’s Day cookouts late Sunday afternoon. Another weather maker will bring the threat of rain Monday night through Tuesday. There is a chance that system could produce another inch or so. It will depend on the jet stream phasing or lack thereof as the disturbance moves from the Great Lakes and Midwest to the Northeast.

The weather looks fairly quiet in the mid to late workweek, and, next week does not look bad, either. The consistent parade of cold fronts will continue in the latter part of June. It does not look like an early-summer weather pattern for June 20-28. At best, temperatures will be near normal with highs close to 80 and lows near 60. There’s a decent chance it will average cooler than that because of localized afternoon sea breezes. Amazingly, the month of June thus far has been a bit warmer than normal. It sure doesn’t seem like it!

There is no hot (90°) and humid weather in the forecast for the next couple of weeks. In the end, I think there is about a 50/50 chance that June 2013 is the wettest June on record in Providence. The temperature for the month as a whole will most likely average a bit cooler than normal.

Sorry about the absence of video with this update. I have a nasty head cold and I’m just not feeling up to it today. You probably don’t want to hear my nasally voice anyway!

Have a great weekend.

Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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