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Swollen Mississippi River threatens Midwest towns

The mighty Mississippi River is overflowing its banks with major flooding occurring or predicted in parts of Illinois and Missouri. The bad news is there is more rain in the forecast for the Midwest, and that has some residents in susceptible towns on edge as the river is forecast to come precariously close to inundating areas that have been hit hard before. West Alton, MO, a town of 570, was severely flooded in 1993. A levee breach on Monday brought fears that the town may be flooded again.

5 day rain forecast predicting more rain near the swollen Mississippi River
5 day rain forecast predicting more rain near the swollen Mississippi River

Major metropolitan areas along the Mississippi River, like St. Louis, are experiencing some flooding, but it is not expected to be historic. South of St. Louis, residents are working hard to prepare for the worst as the river is not expected to crest until later in the week.

The worst was yet to come south of St. Louis near Cape Girardeau, Mo., where the river was to continue to swell higher until reaching a peak Thursday night, again some 13 feet above flood stage. That rapid rise has produced a feverish sandbagging effort in nearby Dutchtown, where the river threatened to send water into about a third of the homes in the tiny town of about 100 people. It also was threatening to make another nearby community — Allenville, population 117 — an island. In Dutchtown, dozens of prison inmates bussed in were working shoulder to shoulder with other volunteers Tuesday, working to bolster the makeshift barrier. “So far, the levees are doing fine,” Dutchtown Alderwoman Shirley Moss said. “We still have a lot of water coming this way, and we’re still all out here working. It’s very treacherous, and you just don’t know how much you need to do to prevent this water from coming into town. “We’re doing all we can, with all the help we can get.” Read the full article…

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