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Five day heat wave in Providence and Boston

Abundant sunshine helped the temperature reach 91° before 2 pm on Monday, July 8, 2013 in the Providence area. It was the fifth straight day with a high temperature above 90°.  July 4-8, 2013 is the longest heat wave in the Providence area since a six day heat wave in July, 2008. There was also an intense four day heat wave in July, 2011 when the average high temperature was nearly 96°. The average high temperature during the current heat wave is a bit above 92°.

TF Green Airport
July 4 – 90°
July 5 – 93°
July 6 – 93°
July 7 – 95°
July 8 – 91° (preliminary)

The five day heat wave in Boston ended Monday when the wind shifted to the east-northeast. The high temperature at Logan Airport on Monday was 85° before the wind shift. The temperature fell into the 70s by late in the morning, and it hovered near 80° during the afternoon.

July 3 – 91°
July 4 – 94°
July 5 – 95°
July 6 – 93°
July 7 – 93°

Hartford was also on the verge of a five day heat wave with the temperature sitting at 89° at 2 pm Monday afternoon. Worcester, which is at considerably higher elevation, did not reach 90° during the hot stretch between July 3-8, 2013.

While the high temperatures have not been unbearable, the humidity has made it feel 5-10° warmer during the day. The high humidity has also kept the nighttime low temperatures in the 70s. So far this month, the average low temperature has been 73.5° at TF Green Airport – 10° warmer than the normal low temperature for this time of the year.

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