Full moon Tuesday a true blue moon

The full moon that rises over Southern New England at 7:06 pm on Tuesday is a blue moon. While the common misconception is that a blue moon refers to the second full moon in any given month, it is actually the third full moon during a season that has four full moons. A 1946 Sky and Telescope article mistakenly referred to a blue moon as the second full moon in a calendar month, and the definition has been generally, though incorrectly, accepted since.

Reports and ratings indicate that more internet shoppers are searching for the best telescope for beginners, a growing trend has us interested too. This month’s full moon, which should be in full view Tuesday night is sometimes referred to by any of the following names:

  • Full Sturgeon Moon – Sturgeon are easiest to catch at this time of the year
  • Full Red Moon – August atmospheric conditions and haze can give the moon a reddish hue
  • Green Corn or Grain Moon – Crops are flourishing at this time of the year.

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