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July among the wettest on record nationwide

Southern New England saw near-normal rainfall during the month of July, but other parts of the country received record or near-record precipitation. Nationwide it was the fifth wettest July in the past 119 years. Most of the Eastern United States received near to much above normal rainfall. The heaviest rain was in the Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, and Southeast. Florida had the wettest July on record – so much for “The Sunshine State”! Only a handful of states were much drier than normal, including Oregon which experienced its driest July on record. 25.85% of the country was very wet – the highest total in July since 1993. Just 8.34% of the country was very dry.

From May to July most of the Eastern United States experienced much wetter than normal weather. All of New England, except New Hampshire, saw top-5 rainfall amounts from May through July.

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