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Record warm July in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Massachusetts and Rhode Island both experienced a record warm July according to the State of the Climate report issued by NOAA. All the New England states, except Maine, had a top-5 warmest July on record. The records date back 119 years. It was also much warmer than normal in the Western United States. Utah and Idaho were also in the top-5 warmest on record. On the other side of the coin, the Southeast was unseasonably cool. It was the fifth coolest July on record in Alabama. There were slightly more cool record highs and lows (2846) than warm record highs and lows (2560) in July.

The three-month period from May-July was also among the warmest on record for the Northeast and West. It was top-5 warmest in MA and RI during that three-month stretch.

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Fred Campagna

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