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Super Typhoon Utor nears Philippines

Super Typhoon Utor intensified to 150 mph winds Sunday morning as it neared the northern Philippine island of Luzon. The extremely dangerous storm, equal to a category 4 hurricane, will make landfall on Sunday afternoon (EDT). Luzon is home to 48 million people, with about 3 million living in the provinces that are under the greatest threat from Utor. As of Sunday morning, at least 47 fisherman are missing in rough seas ahead of the storm.

Aside from the wind and storm surge, the storm is likely to bring more than eight inches of rain and flash flooding to the island as it passes and emerges into the South China Sea before making a second landfall in the middle of the week in China.

Super Typhoon Utor bearing down on the Philippines
Super Typhoon Utor bearing down on the Philippines

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