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Near record high temperatures possible this week

October will begin with very warm weather in Southern New England. The high temperature will be 10-15 degrees warmer than normal on Wednesday, and about 10 degrees warmer than normal Thursday through the weekend.

The record high temperatures on Wednesday are most likely out of reach at the four major climatology sites in Southern New England. Highs will be in the low to mid 80s, and the records are in the mid 80s to low 90s.

Record highs for Wednesday, October 2nd

Boston – 88 (1954)
Providence – 87 (1927)
Worcester – 83 (1922)
Hartford – 91 (1927)

The record high temperature on Thursday is lower at all the sites, but it is also expected to be a bit cooler on Thursday compared to Wednesday.

Record highs for Thursday, October 3rd

Boston – 85 (1922)
Providence – 83 (1919)
Worcester – 83 (1931)
Hartford – 85 (1919)

The records with the best chance of being reached are the daily high temperature in Providence on Wednesday and Thursday. Right now, it looks like the temperature will come up just shy both days.

Fred Campagna

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