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Nearly half of SNE on the verge of a drought

The latest United States Drought Monitor update has 40% of Rhode Island in the “Abnormally Dry” category. That is up from 19% last week. The next step up the ladder is into a “Moderate Drought”. There has not been much rain in the past seven weeks. TF Green has only received 20% of the normal amount of rain so far this month. The Scituate Reservoir, Rhode Island’s largest drinking water source, is at 86.2% of capacity.


55% of Massachusetts is Abnormally Dry. It includes everywhere east of Worcester.Last week 36% of Massachusetts was Abnormally Dry.


About 1/3 of Connecticut is Abnormally Dry, and it is only up 1% since last week.


On a positive note, there are a few chances for rain in the last 10 days of October, but it is unlikely to make up for the deficit over the past month and a half. A short-term moderate drought is nothing to get overly concerned about. A large part of Southern New England was in a brief moderate drought earlier this year.

Fred Campagna

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