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SoxCast: Showers possible Saturday evening

The Boston Red Sox can earn a trip to the World Series with one more win over the Detroit Tigers this weekend at Fenway Park. So far the weather has not been an issue during the ALCS, and it looks like it will be relatively quiet it Boston this weekend. Of course, if the Red Sox win the Saturday afternoon game, there will be no game on Sunday. We’ll give you the forecast for both games, just in case. Saturday will be breezy and relatively mild. Showers are possible during the evening, and could be a minor issue if the game starts at 8pm instead of 4:30 pm. The starting time of the game is dependent on the outcome of game six of the NLCS Friday night. Sunday will be mainly clear and cool, with the temperature falling into the 40s by late in the evening.

Fenway Park, Boston, MA

4:30 pm
Temperature: 65°
Sky: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SSW 10-20 mph

8:30 pm
Temperature: 59°
Sky: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers
Wind: SW 10-15 mph

11:30 pm
Temperature 57*
Sky: Cloudy, light showers
Wind: SW 10-15 mph

8:00 pm
Temperature: 54°
Sky: Mainly Clear
Wind: W 10-15 mph

12:00 am
Temperature: 49°
Sky: Clear
Wind: W 5 mph

Fred Campagna

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