Drought expands in Southern New England

A moderate drought is expanding in Southern New England following another week of mainly dry weather. So far this month there has only been 10-20% of the normal precipitation at the four major climatology sites in Southern New England. In the past two months there has been less than 25% of the normal precipitation in southern CT and RI, plus northeast MA. The rest of Southern New England has received less than 50% of the normal precipitation in the past two months.

The moderate drought expanded from 45% to 57% of Massachusetts. There was not much change in RI with 24% of the state in a drought and the rest of it classified as Abnormally Dry. 100% of CT is abnormally dry, with 18% in a moderate drought.

There is no rain in the forecast through the weekend, but rain is likely early next week. At this point, it does not look like more than an inch of rain will occur with a cold front moving through the Northeast Monday night.

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