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Long Range Forecast – November 25

The pre-Thanksgiving soaker will be gone by dawn on Thursday, and it will be replaced by another shot of very cold weather for late-November. The temperature will struggle to get above 35° on Thursday and Friday. Lows will be in the teens to low 20s Friday and Saturday morning. Dry weather is likely through most, if not all, of the weekend. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with the chance of a few rain showers. The temperature will bounce back into the 40s. Rain showers are possible Monday and/or Tuesday.

There will likely be a large ridge over Alaska in the first week of December. That tilts the jet stream to deliver cold weather to the contiguous 48 states. As a result, the fair weather systems will likely bring cool weather to the Northeast. The coldest weather relative to normal will probably be in the western US. If the storm track stays west of or over Southern New England, then there will be a warm-up before the storm’s arrival leading to mainly or all rain. It looks like there will be one or two shots at stormy weather in the first week of December, so that storm track will be critical in determining if there is wet or wintry weather ahead.

Fred Campagna

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