Hundreds report seeing fireball over New England

Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing a large fireball brighter than the nearly full moon over New England at 5:20 pm EST on Sunday, January 12, 2014. Most reports came from Connecticut, but the fireball was also seen from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine. Based on the reports, the estimated trajectory of the fireball is from southwest Vermont heading north and terminating over Rutland County.

A "heat map" of the fireball sightings from January 12, 2014
A “heat map” of the fireball sightings from January 12, 2014
An estimated trajectory of the fireball based on public reports
An estimated trajectory of the fireball based on public reports

If you saw the fireball, you can file a report with the American Meteor Society.

There is a lot of suspicion that the above photo may be an airplane instead of a meteor. Check out this link for similar photos of contrails near sunset.

Here is another photo of the reported fireball.

EXIF data: Nikon D7000 & 70-300mm & 300 f/5.6 - 1/2500 sec - ISO 500 01/12/14 - 5:03 PM
EXIF data:
Nikon D7000 & 70-300mm & 300
f/5.6 – 1/2500 sec – ISO 500
01/12/14 – 5:03 PM

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    1. That aren’t explanations. They’re more unfounded claims by someone that doesn’t know what they’re looking at. I saw several more plan contrails there, and again, if you look at the time they were taken, they were all around sunrise or sunset.

      The video of the “UFO leaving a wormhole” is nothing more than a typical rocket or missile; I’ve seen a couple of these myself, and I knew about them ahead of time.

      Then he posts a couple photo of meteors, feeling free to call one of them “mystical”. There was nothing mystical about it; it appeared to be a pretty average meteor.

      The third photo in his 2011 section is another airplane contrail, this time from a 2-engine jet. And oh, look at the time the video was shot… 5:34 pm, right around sunset again.

      His 2012 section contains two more jet contrails, again from twin engine jets. Both videos show that the sunlight is low on the horizon, evidenced by the orange sky near the bottom of the frame, thus the videos were shot near sunrise or sunset again. With a little more info (exact time & location), the exact plane/flight could be determined.

      The Griffith sighting was another meteor.

      None were UFOs. All the images of the ‘fireballs’ leaving a long double trail behind them were nothing more than high flying twin engined jet planes leaving typical contrails that were lit by the setting or rising sun.

  1. I use whatever site I wish, I will save this to my pictures of the “Fireball”, great picture, as I am Living in Hell, I mean Arizona, we never see this type of light show here. This is just beautiful!!!

      1. The theory is not that it was a plane crash, but rather the plane’s exhaust being captured at just the right time of day to make it look like flames – similar to the colors of a sunset.

    1. That’s funny. I just posted this to my facebook account and one of the first comments was from a guy in Phoenix Arizona that said he sees these all the time.

      There is no fireball here. There isn’t even any fire in the photo. It’s a four-engine jet flying about ten minutes after sunset, high enough to still be lit by the setting sun, which is why it’s orange. Try googling jet contrails sunset and you’ll find a whole bunch more images like this.

  2. That is no fireball. Its the damn airforce performing their greatest feat!! Geoengineering! Weather modification at its best. Normal commercial jets dont fly in those patterns. Dumping nano particles of heavy metals, viruses, fungi and even Lithium. Thats right folks! Our very own Government is spraying us from above and killing us and the planet. Research Geoengineering/Chemtrails. It isnt a conspiracy theory any longer. It is a fact.

    1. This is SOOOO TRUE!! They have been working at THIS for almost 100 YEARS, and NOW D.A.R.P.A. has the TECHNOLOGY to DO THIS!! Just look at all the “Natural Disasters” in the past 10 years…you REALLY think that them hitting MAJOR POPULATED places, is just “Bad Luck”…SERIOUSLY?!?!??? “We the People” need to WAKE UP, before it is TOO L A T E !!!!

      1. Lol Darpa and they focus coastal spots to attack HAHAHAHA. You guys need to stop living in fear. Your logic is pathetic.

        1. hey lame sauce you will be one of the ones in the concentration camps because you refuse to see whats right in front you

      2. I totally agree ive been saying this for years they take away all our constitutional rights and they want to put us in concentration camps they made Jessie ventura disappear for telling us the truth the people need to uprise and take our rights back before they kill us all wake up every one

    2. LOL! The Air Force, really! WOW! I am a retired USAF vet, in no way does the USAF “spray” it’s people! All you see is the sunset illuminating the contrails of a jet! And DEATH CAMPS are fake! Do any of you really know what REX84 is? Its an old Readiness Exercise from 1984! There was a REX 83, REX 82, REX 85 etc…..The so called camps in GA they talk about are prisons people! Learn to use google maps and the satellite pics…..use the so called directions to the “camps” and see for your self! Right click the location on the map and it will tell you whats there! PUPPETS!

    3. Krista too many people give too much credit to military and they not even that advanced. They wish they were and they love the hype of conspiracies because it makes them look better and more intelligent than what they are. Well they not.

      Everyone’s always saying its the American military – so ridiculous

  3. What, no one claiming it to be a UFO crash landing in Vermont and the Air Force covering it up making us believe it is just a weather balloon????? My votes on the alien spacecraft…

  4. This is a jet plane. To be more precise, it’s a jet with four engines, since there are clearly four contrails, two on each side that are equally spaced. Much like in this photo:

    The photo in the article was taken at 5:03 pm, according to the EXIF data, which means the photo was taken shortly after sunset, which occurred at 4:49pm. This also means the plane’s altitude was high enough that it was still in the sunlight of the setting sun, which accounts for the reddish-orange color on the contrails.

    The article above even links to a page that explains this…

    It is not a meteor, space debris, rocket, space ship or a fireball. Meteors may leave what looks like a double contrail, and space debris doesn’t fall in formation like this; it scatters all over. It is a four-engine plane and its contrails. With a little research I could find out which plane it was, assuming it’s not a secret military plane. Since I can’t find any four-engine planes flying north in that area during that time on, I have to assume it was a military plane that wasn’t broadcasting its position.

    1. Why don’t any of the reports and/or comments say anything about the speed of this object ? Fireballs/meteors would be traveling at a much higher rate of speed than a plane .

      1. And they would tend to break up into multiple pieces, all falling along slightly different paths, not staying together in a formation. This is definitely a four-engine plane.

        People that don’t know what they’re looking at and jump to wild conclusion don’t tend to pay attention to details like the speed, or the time of day.

    2. So riddle me this. Why have there been no posts about a downed plane? No FAA news on a plane going down. If a plane went down it would be on the news before it hit the ground with the way the media hounds are these days.

      1. Who said anything about a plane crashing? This is a plane that’s flying, along a fairly regular flight path, leaving a typical contrail behind it, like most jets do when they’re flying.

  5. There’s nothing dangerous here. It’s just the contrails of a 4 engine jet being illuminated by the sun. Perfectly normal. I’ve seen it on multiple occasions.

  6. Breaking News! Brainless aliens have taken over the US Senate! Oh, wait…that’s nothing new. They’ve been there for years.

  7. Come on People….USA is certainly not perfect and it’s not the best….but it’s not the death nation it’s being painted to be. There are no concentration camps. Our constitutional rights are in pretty good shape and there is no conspiracy to “kill all living things”. Scare tactics have been used for centuries to incite people who do not make it their business to be properly informed. We certainly have room for improvement but we are in more danger from environmental changes than our government.

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