Video Update: Burst of snow this morning

Snow has fallen in Southern New England for several hours, but it has been slow to accumulate. Heavy snow is crossing Long Island and heading for Southern New England. At the same time, milder air is also closing in on the coast. Fred Campagna has the latest on how the storm will most likely evolve.

Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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  1. The Exeter West Greenwich district covers a large part of rural RI, SE to NW. Tough call. We are not thrilled about the make up days, but I would rather have all of the kids home safe.

  2. What makes me laugh is the districts in Central RI canceling last night despite the forecast for a quicker changeover to rain, yet Northern RI waits until this morning and the snow is really coming down in Smithfield. Smart move Northern RI to make sure we didn’t waste a snow day. Nothing wrong with wait and see.

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