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Long-Range Forecast – April 17

The temperature has taken a 180° turn from 10-15° warmer than normal to 10-15° cooler than normal in Southern New England in the past week. For anyone who is hoping for another burst of warm weather, it does not look like the pendulum will swing back in the other direction real soon. Instead, it looks like it will stop swinging, and we’ll have pretty typical mid-spring weather in the next couple of weeks. That’s not to say that there won’t be occasional warm or cool days, but, rather, most of the time it will probably not stray too far from normal.

Rainfall-wise, we’ll be dry into the middle of next week before rain threatens Tuesday PM into Wednesday. There is another shot at rain late next week or next weekend. The overall pattern for the last week of April looks near to below normal, with the chance of some rain as systems stream out of the Midwest through the Great Lakes into the Northeast.

If you’re wondering about the last frost/freeze of the season, it may happen Friday, Sunday, or Monday. Last year, the last time the temperature was below freezing was on April 7. Climatologically, the mean since 1933 in Providence is April 15, but the last time it was after April 16 (until this year) was in 2003. The temperature has not fallen below 32 in Providence in May since 1986.




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