April 2014 Cool and Wet in Providence Area

The bad news is April 2014 is in the books as the sixth straight cooler than normal month in Southern New England. The good news is it was the closest to normal of the past six months. The month ended with two very cool days, and that was enough to push the average temperature to 0.6° below normal for the month.

Temperature Trend Providence, RI
Temperature Trend Providence, RI

Moderate to heavy rain on April 30 also helped to make it a wetter than normal month. There was 5.17″ of rain at TF Green Airport. That is 119% of the normal (4.36″) for the month.

There was no very warm weather during the month. The highest temperature was 72° on April 14. There were nearly twice as many days below 32° (6) as is normal for April. The coldest temperature of the month was 30° on April 18.

Elsewhere in Southern New England it was cooler and wetter than normal in Worcester and Hartford. Boston had near normal temperature and slightly below normal rainfall.

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