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Long-Range Forecast – August 28

Friday morning was the coolest in the Providence area in more than two weeks. The temperature fell into the 50s at TF Green for the first time since August 10. The comfortably cool weather will not last for too long as another surge of warmth arrives this weekend and continues well into next week. It will not be humid again for a few days, but the muggy weather will build during next week.

The temperature will be running well above normal at the start of September. 90° heat is possible in the middle of next week. That’s not what kids and teachers are hoping to hear as they head back to school. It will be dry through at least Monday, and possibly through all next workweek. Scattered showers thunderstorms are possible between Tuesday and Thursday, but it does not look like widespread rain.

Tropical Storm Erika will likely be near Florida early next week, and could meander near the Southeast for several days. Eventually, some of the moisture from the storm may be drawn north. It’s tough to know how exactly how that will play out, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. Looking at the big picture, September is shaping up to be a rather warm month in the Eastern US.

Fred Campagna

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