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Long-Range Forecast – September 22

September 2015 is looking a lot like September 2014 in Southeastern New England. You may not remember it, but last September was very dry, with just 19% of the normal rainfall in Providence. It was also warmer than normal, but not as toasty as this September. If we don’t seen any measurable rain for the rest of this month, which is a distinct possibility, then there will be 28% of the normal precipitation for the month in Providence.

A northeast breeze will keep the temperature close to normal through the end of the workweek. A storm off the Mid-Atlantic coast may drift far enough north to bring mostly cloudy skies at times this weekend and early next week. At this point, it looks unlikely that the storm will come close enough for steady rain in RI and/or SE MA between Sunday and Tuesday. If the storm stays out to sea, as expect, then the dry pattern which began on September 14 may last through the end of the month. There are signs, however, that the pattern will get more active by mid-October. See the video for more.

Fred Campagna

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