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Long-Range Forecast – November 30

November was more than 3° warmer than normal with about half the normal amount of rainfall, and no snow. December will get off to a relatively wet start with rain likely each of the first three days, ending around dawn on Thursday. Storm totals of 0.5-1.25″ are expected.

It will be blustery and cooler on Thursday as the storm moves away. The cool-down will not last for long, and the temperature will likely be warmer than normal from Saturday into at least the middle of next week. That same stretch also looks dry.

A midweek storm is possible next week, and it looks like the track will be far enough north for rain instead of snow. There will be a dearth of cold air in the Northern US, and later potential storms next weekend and/or early the following week show little promise of anything besides rain. The pattern stays relatively warm through mid-month. Check out the video for more.


Fred Campagna

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