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August 18th Update

Humidity will increase, especially at night, over the next few days in Southeastern New England. The weather looks fairly quiet through the weekend, with showers likely Sunday night into Monday morning as a cold front passes by. You can expect a great stretch of weather from Monday afternoon through most or all of next week.

There is NO chance of rain in the middle of next week in a large part of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

It will be pleasant and comfortable in the middle of next week. Lows will be in the 50s to low 60s, and highs will be in the upper 70s to low 80s. Skies should be mainly clear. It may get warmer and more humid by late in the week as the wind shifts to the southwest. Check out the 7-Day forecast for the next week’s forecast details.

The tropics are getting active. Tropical Storm Fiona will likely be a non-factor as it meanders northwest for a few days before turning north then northeast in the open Atlantic Ocean. There are two tropical waves off the African coast that bear watching. They are both south of where Fiona was, and have a better chance of reaching the Caribbean in a week or so. The disturbance that is farthest west looks like the strongest, and has at least a moderate chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next few days.



The Boston metro area is an extreme drought, but conditions are not as bad in RI and SE MA. Northern RI is in a severe drought, and most of the rest of the area is in a moderate drought. Keep in mind, there’s not much rain ahead in the next 10 days. The system Monday may bring 0.25-0.75″ of rain, but that’s likely all we’ll see through the end of next workweek, and possibly longer.

The odds are fairly low of more than 1″ of rain by August 28 in RI and SE MA


Fred Campagna

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