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December 15th Update

Brutally cold weather on Friday will be followed by a snowy start to the weekend late Friday night into Saturday. Expect -5 to -15 wind chills early Friday morning with temperatures in the single digits. Highs will be near 20 Friday afternoon with mostly sunny skies and a lighter breeze.

The temperature hovers near 20 Friday evening before rising slightly after midnight. Snow develops between 2-4 am, and it will accumulate immediately. 1-3″ of snow is likely by dawn on Saturday. The temperature will continue rising into the 30s on Saturday, and snow will eventually change to rain. The changeover happens at the coast between 7-10 am, and inland it will change to rain or freezing rain around midday. The temperature should make it above freezing throughout Southeastern New England by late in the day. It may spike well into the 40s south of Providence before settling back to near 40 Saturday night.

Expect a snowy start to the day on Saturday

Snowfall totals between 1-3″ are likely at the coast, with 3-5″ in the I-95 corridor, and possibly some 5-7″ totals in NW RI and southern Worcester County.

There will be a lull in the steady precipitation Saturday night, but mist and drizzle are possible. Another round  of rain arrives late Sunday morning and continues through the afternoon. It will be mild with temps near 50. Sharply colder weather returns quickly Sunday evening, so watch out for slick spots as water and slush freeze.

The weather will be quiet in the early to middle part of next week. It will be chilly on Monday, and not quite as cold Tuesday and Wednesday.

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