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October 18th Update

Warm and dry October rolls on; Some changes next week

If it was not for the fact that most of Southern New England is on the brink of a moderate drought, the stretch of weather from Tuesday to Monday October 23rd would be at the top of the list of best weeks of weather for 2017. It looks gorgeous with plenty of sunshine, mild afternoon, and mainly clear and comfortable nights right through the weekend. A huge area of high pressure controls the scene in the Eastern United States for the next 5+ days.

It’s rare to see a 0% chance of rain over a 5.5 day stretch on an ensemble forecast for then Northeastern United States. The stretch will actually be 7+ days of dry and mostly clear weather.

A front moving across the U.S. will scoop up a disturbance in the SE U.S. and may bring steady rain in the middle of next week. Right now, it looks like the rain/shower threat begins late Monday and ends early Wednesday. An early estimate is for 0.5-1.5″ of rain, but that range could slide up or down based on how the system evolves. Since it’s the only significant weather to talk about, we’re probably paying it a little more attention to it than we would when it’s nearly a week away. It’s tough to to not want to get specific with the forecast, but a lot could change with a system that’s now in the Gulf of Alaska. Strong southerly winds are also a possibility next Mon-Tue.

Further down the road, the European model advertises a fairly active northern jet stream. We’ll be watching for another storm to form near the Northeastern United States in late October. It’s too early to say if it will be close enough for rain/snow or develop to far north or east to have an impact in RI or SE MA. The pattern looks cooler, but not too far from normal, from the middle of next week into early November.

EPS with some storminess near the Northeast US late in the month

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