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March 9th Update

Watching another storm early next week

An active start to March continues with another storm system possible early next week. A generally cool (daytime) weather pattern continues through most of next week before a potential warm-up  ahead of a milder storm system next weekend. The storm that brought the rain and snow on Wednesday night is still close enough to have an influence on the Southern New England weather for most of the weekend. Expect a northwest breeze with a blend of clouds and sun on both Saturday and Sunday. Highs will be in the low 40s.

If we get a storm early next week, it will likely be a little later than previously thought. Monday looks dry with some clouds and temps in the upper 30s to low 40s again. The storm in the Atlantic Ocean may come close enough for rain/snow Monday night into Tuesday. The latest EPS snow probability is a bit higher than before for 3″ of snow in most of CT, RI and SE MA. The trend today is for the slower evolving storm to come a little closer to the coast. There is still a very wide spread of possible solutions from both the EPS and GEFS ensembles. I know that a lot of people want a definitive answer as to whether it will hit us Monday night into Tuesday, but that’s not a viable option at this point. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just taking a shot in the dark. I will watch it closely this weekend.

There are bunch of EPS solutions that are close to the coast and would bring more rain/snow/wind, and there are also a bunch that are out to sea with no impact. Hoping the forecast comes into focus this weekend!
GEFS ensemble shows a wide range of possible solutions for early next week
The UKMET model trended closer to the coast on Friday

Regardless of whether the storm comes close enough for rain, snow, and/or wind, we are likely to see a coolish mid-March weather pattern continue through the middle of next week. There are some signs of a warm-up next weekend as a front moves across the country and finally shifts the wind to southwest instead of northeast to northwest.

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