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January 15 – Facebook Live

There are two storm systems on the way later this week. The first is a wimpy one, but may actually bring more snow than the second one. A weak Alberta Clipper comes through Thursday night into early Friday with the potential for 0-2″ of snow in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. If it’s 1-2″, it may be enough to slow down the Friday morning commute. 

The second storm looks like more rain than anything else, but it’s a potent system and still several days away. I expect snow/sleet Saturday evening to change to rain which will be heavy at times late Saturday night into Sunday. A change back to snow/sleet for some cannot be ruled out Sunday afternoon/evening – especially in inland areas. It gets windy near the coast on Sunday as milder air surges it. The mild air will not stay for long, and a flash freeze is possible Sunday night as the storm departs. There are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out in the Saturday night to Sunday forecast, but I have a strong feeling that the net amount of snow for the I-95 corridor and coast will be near zero. Inland, there’s a better chance of some snow accumulation that manages to stay on the ground through the mix/rain and there’s the potential for the change back to snow/sleet. 

Fred Campagna

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