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February 16 – Sunday-Monday snow forecast update

It's not a big storm, but could be a nuisance if you're working Monday morning

Snow-lovers are desperate for anything in a winter nearly devoid of snowstorms in Southern New England. A minor to moderate system brings a decent chance of accumulating snow Sunday night through Monday. The best chance of picking up 1-3″ of snow is before dawn on Monday, although snow will likely linger through the day on Monday. There is a lower chance of it accumulating very well during the day because it will likely be rather light, and with the temperature near freezing.

Snow overspreads Southern New England by 2 am Monday


Snow develops from west to east across Southern New England Sunday evening. It may begin 9-11 pm at the CT/NY border, and should begin by around midnight in eastern CT and RI, and shortly after midnight in SE MA. As mentioned, the steadiest snow is likely late at night into early Monday. It’s a holiday and some schools are on vacation, so the morning commute should be lighter than usual. There is a decent chance that it will not be a speed limit ride on Monday morning because of the weather, and especially on the side roads. Allow extra time if you are traveling.

Light snow lingers through most or all of the day on Monday. It may not have a big impact in the afternoon and early evening.

A tough of low pressure hangs behind the storm system as it moves away from the coast on Monday. Snow will taper to flurries either in the afternoon or evening. I expect most of the accumulation to happen before noon. Wind will not be a factor at all with this storm. There is a chance that some sleet mixes in late Sunday night and Monday morning near the coast, especially in Connecticut.

At this point, I think there’s a better chance of the snow creeping up into the low end of the 3-6″ range than falling back into the 0-1″ range.

The temperature dips into the teens to low 20s Monday night as skies clear overnight.

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