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March 25 – Midweek cool-down before warmer weather arrives

It feels like spring has sprung in Southern New England. Monday was not a particularly warm day, but the high late-March sun angle really made it feel a bit warmer. Unfortunately, a cool northerly breeze will control the weather on Tuesday and keep it in the low to mid 40s – well below normal for this time of year. We’ll enjoy more sunshine, with the temperature climbing out of the 20s early in the day, and then falling back through the 20s Tuesday night under clear skies.

Cool and sunny on Tuesday

It should be a few degrees milder on Wednesday, but not very warm. The wind will shift from the northeast to the south in the afternoon, and keep the coast cooler then inland locations. Highs will stay in the 40s on Wednesday.

Thursday and possibly Friday will be transition days as milder air arrives. It’s possible we’ll bust into the spring-like warmth on Friday, but it can be a slow process at this time of the year. Look for highs near 50 with some clouds spilling in during the day on Thursday. A few showers are possible late Thursday night and Friday morning with a front nearby. If the front moves to the north by Friday afternoon, temperatures will soar through the 50s. If if hovers overhead, it may not get out of the 40s.

GFS model shows 70° away from the coast on Saturday, but it will be much cooler near the water with an onshore breeze

There is a good chance the front pushes north of Southern New England on Saturday, and the temperature will spike – especially inland. Expect highs between 65-70° away from the water, and closer to 60° near the ocean or Long Island Sound. A slow-moving cold front will likely not pass through until late Sunday, and that keeps us in the mild air for the rest of the weekend. Once again, the temperature may crack 70° inland on Sunday. Showers are possible by sunset, and there will likely be showers around Sunday night. Showers could linger a bit early Monday as it turns cooler. I’m watching for another storm to form offshore early next week, and that could bring chilly rain on Tuesday. It’s a long way out and something to keep an eye on.

Thanks for your patience with the limited updates last week. I was in Buenos Aires for the week visiting my son who is studying abroad. The vacation was wonderful and aside from seeing our son, the highlight was the great food that we enjoyed all week long. Here are some shots to whet your appetite.

In the Recoleta section of Buenos Aires before walking through the famous cemetery
Milanesa is sort of like a veal cutlet except with beef pounded extremely thin. This particular restaurant called it “pizzanesa” because of the shape and how they presented it. Delicious!
Empanadas are everywhere in B.A. – these were for lunch after touring La Boca
Typical Argentine breakfast – Medialunas and toast with butter/jam
You cannot go to Argentina without trying the steak, of course, and it lived up to the hype. I had red meat at least once a day, and the Don Julio steaks were amazing
Some of the best gelato in the world, too!

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