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March 3 – Sunday night snow forecast update

A quick-hitting moderate to heavy snow storm is likely Sunday night in Southern New England. The snow may mix with or change to sleet near the coast after midnight, but not before several inches of snow falls. The snow will be wet/heavy with temperatures between 30-33° during the storm.

Sleet gets close to the coast after midnight

Snow develops after sunset and most or all of the accumulation is done by around sunrise. Snow will reach western CT between 6-8 pm, RI between 7-9 pm, and far eastern MA 8-10 pm. It will be moderate to heavy by late in the evening, with a few inches possible by midnight. The wind will increase to 10-25 mph near the coast as the storm develops south of New England.

Snow mixes with sleet near the coast, especially in RI and SE MA, after midnight. This will limit totals a bit in far SE CT, Southern RI, and near Buzzards Bay. Snow may change to rain on Cape Cod and the islands. The steadiest snow/sleet ends 4-5 am in western CT, 5-6 am in eastern CT, 6-7 am in RI, and 7-8 am in eastern MA. Flurries could linger for a couple of hours after steady snow/sleet ends.

With the recent burst of snowy weather, the landscape will be quite white on Monday morning. Here’s what I’m expecting for snow totals. There could be a few 10″ amounts, but I expect mainly 6-8″ of wet snow in the purple shaded area. Sleet could limit accumulation to 4-5″ in the darker blue, and there will be some rain on Cape Cod and the islands.

Expect some melting with a gusty breeze and partly cloudy skies Monday afternoon. A refreeze happens Monday night as the temperature tumbles through the 20s.

The hyperactive weather pattern quiets down for the rest of the workweek, but it will be unseasonably cold for March, with highs possibly not getting out of the 20s in the midweek. Ouch!

Fred Campagna

President and Chief Meteorologist - Right Weather LLC AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #756 AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist #126

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