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March 4 – Early update

UPDATE – While it was raining near Narragansett Bay at 4 am, it was really dumping snow west of I-95 and up to Boston. 2-3″ per hour rates pumped snow totals to above 10″, with some towns reporting 12-14″ of heavy snow. Some people were really questioning the snow forecast after it was so nice for a good part of Sunday, but this is proof that you can get hit with a snowstorm just 12 hours after it’s sunny and in the mid 40s. Good luck with the cleanup!

From 5 A.M.

Good morning! The quick-hitting heavy winter storm is ending in Connecticut before sunrise, and will taper to lighter snow in RI by 7 am, ending around 8. It will last a bit longer in Eastern Massachusetts. Maybe it was the great weather yesterday, but the sense I’m getting from many people this morning is almost disbelief. I’m not sure why since the forecast played out pretty well. There will be some towns with 10-12″ of snow, but most are right in the ranges that were predicted. The change to sleet/rain happened in SE CT, S RI, and SE MA as expected, too.

Updated snow map reflect reports coming in as accumulating snow ends

If people are going to complain about getting 11″ of snow when the forecast was for 7-10″, then I think I need to find a new line of work! Technically, that’s outside of the range, but, c’mon, are you really approaching a storm any differently if you expect 11″ instead of 10″?

The storm moves away early Monday morning

Anyway, the strong March sun angle will get to melting this extremely dense snow today. The temperature will make it to about 36-40 degrees with some sunny breaks. There will be a northwest breeze. Watch out for snow bombs falling off of tree limbs. Heck, watch out for tree limbs in the road if you’re driving early today. This snow is very clingy.

The weather looks dry and cold through the workweek. Expect the temperature to really tumble tonight as skies clear. There will be a refreeze early this evening. It will be in the teens early Tuesday, and may not make it above freezing in the afternoon – even with some sun. Wednesday looks about the same, and a breeze makes it feel even colder. Thursday says dry and chilly. Highs will be in the 30s. A storm passing south of New England late in the workweek looks like a miss at this point with just a few flurries or snow showers possible on Friday afternoon/evening.

Saturday looks decent, and not quite as cold, with highs in the 40s. Set your clocks ahead Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time begins. The late sunset on Sunday may also feature snow/mix to rain as a storm moves in from the west. Right now, it looks a lot more wet than white.

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